A Lav-ish Solution to WebDesign

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$159.00/month GETS YOU

A FULLY DEVELOPED WEBSITE (payments begin at start of build)


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A Lav-ish Solution to WebDesign

At Lav-Ish Design we want to help you see web design from a completely new perspective.  Websites are an absolute necessity in today’s resource rich market, and they require constant updating and optimisation.  This is why Lav-ish Design has created a subscription style design service.  With a subscription style service, the site takes a back seat to the ongoing service that we offer, and you will love the details. A FREE site with monthly consultation and updates.

No Monthly Comittment

Yup, that’s right, there is no minimum monthly commitment for the website subscription.  If you feel the service is no longer a fit for your business, then you can cancel your subscription.  If you want to cancel but keep the website, there is a buyout fee of $500.  This protects Lav-ish from being taking advantage of since we have no minimum monthly commitment and our websites are worth $2500+.

You Own Your Content

Our clients own all website content created when working with Lav-ish Design.  If you choose to cancel the service, we will happily transfer the site content to you (media, pictures, content etc).  Again, if you want to cancel and keep the site files (the details that turn your content into a website), there is the $500 buyout fee.

Your Subscription fee gets you a Personal Designer to update and fine-tune your site to suit your growing needs .

As a Lav-ish web client your membership always includes;

  • Full Website Design
  • Mobile + Tablet Optimized
  • Basic Website Updates & Maintenance
  • Email Setup
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Complete Website Redesign After 2 Years
  • Stock Photography (5 images included, $9.99 ea thereafter)
  • Three hours of monthly design/support time

Additional options include (additional fees will apply)

  • Complete individualized social media management
  • More complex business website options such as online forms or ecommerce.

Monthly Allotments of Design Time

Each of our subscription memberships comes with an allotment of design time.  this allows us to work with you to keep your site current and operating at peak performance.

Our hourly rate is $75/hr billed at 1/2 hour minimums($40).  We’ll let you know when you’re getting to the point of needing to be charged and we suggest if it’s not time sensitive to wait till the next month to use up the included support time.

It is NOT possible to “roll-over” or accumulate support hours.  We only accept as many clients as we can appropriately manage and design time is part of that formula.  Billing is done at 1/2 hour minimums (30 mins-$40).

You Own Your Domain

You always own your domain name, this is very important.  While it may be appropriate for a design company to register and host the domain for you, the details should be transparent, and you should always be in control.

If you do not know who is in control of your domain name, Lav-ish Design will assist in regaining control of it.

You can have as much control as you like!

If you feel comfortable making your own changes then we can support you with the appropriate access.  We’ll invite you to be an editor on the site so you can learn to manage on your own.  In the case that you make a change that requires fixing on our end, that will use part of the monthly hours to account for our time to address the matter.  Of course you can also choose to let your personal design team(us) manage the site for you.

You are Protected

If something happens and Lav-ish is no longer able to support your site, we will transfer site ownership to you immediately free of charge so your investment and information are safe.

Specialty Custom Options Available

inquire about extra costs

  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Management
  • Membership Sites